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Workplace Appreciation and Its Link to Organizational Health

by | May 5, 2021


Appreciation is a specific type of feedback that says, “I see you. You matter.” Appreciation feedback focuses on the value of the person. It can be delivered top-down, peer-to-peer, or bottom-up, and all directions matter.

All employees absolutely need to hear appreciation feedback, although the methods and the frequency will vary.

Study after study also affirms that the level of satisfaction an employee feels at work is significantly influenced by the degree to which the employee feels appreciated by those around them.  So, why does it matter that we get workplace appreciation right?

For one, it improves the employee experience and increases employee engagement. That means better outcomes for the company and the customer.

But, in an organization where appreciation is a core value—part of the DNA of the company—there are even more benefits. Imagine a workplace where expressing appreciation and showing gratitude were the norm?

Research affirms you’d see an increase in personal wellness. Likely, an improvement of sleep habits.  Increased metabolism. Even less stress. All of which directly impacts work results and organizational health. The practice of gratitude, and I’m speaking from personal experience, can truly rewire our minds. It’s fascinating how our brains work. And amazing how organizational health could benefit by leveraging the science behind it all.


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