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The 5 Benefits of Real-Time Feedback

by | Oct 6, 2021

Feedback isn’t a buzzword.

It’s a skillset. And a common one on high performing teams. We’re not talking about the often-dreaded annual review. The power of feedback lies in ongoing rhythms that deliver Appreciation, Coaching and Evaluation feedback in real-time. This type of communication within teams improves trust, engagement and motivation, important drivers of performance.

And your team members know feedback can help them grow and improve– in fact, 65% of your team want more feedback.

There are five practical benefits of real-time feedback:
  1. Promotes Ongoing Learning. Real-time feedback allows managers to recognize top performers and provide course correction early. This way, team members get immediate feedback and can improve more quickly. No one wants to find out six months later about something that needs correction.
  2. Removes Recency Bias. Tracking and talking about team member accomplishments throughout the year means we are less likely to forget them many months later. Conversely, a failed project that takes place immediately before a formal review cycle should not detract from a team member’s overall performance. Collecting data and discussing throughout the year helps both.
  3. Improves Overall Competency Discussions. Role-based competencies and company values can be affirmed and right tracked best through real-time feedback. Real-time feedback enables peers and managers to recognize those attributes in team members–or to address when they’re lacking. These leadership success skills are often forgotten alongside technical expertise, but an effective workforce requires development of individuals as team members and leaders.
  4. Drives Goal Progress. Recognition from peers or managers serves as a reminder of individual goals. Coaching and evaluation feedback in real-time helps team members stay on track with the goals they’ve agreed upon with their manager.
  5. Changes Focus of Formal Evaluations. Team members know what to expect at review time because they’ve been getting consistent feedback from their manager, so there are no surprises or anxiety. Because feedback is spread throughout the year, less time is wasted on reviews. Those conversations can take a broader context to focus on career growth, not performance gaps.

Are you giving the regular rhythms of feedback that your team needs to grow and develop? Start today.

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