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Rules of Engagement for Team Communication

by | Jan 27, 2021

More than 70% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional, failing to meet at least three of these five criteria for effectiveness:

  • meeting a budget
  • staying on schedule
  • adhering to specifications
  • meeting customer expectations
  • staying aligned with company goals

In contract, teams with strong communication skills experience:

  • Early resolution of conflict
  • Better customer experience
  • Meeting deadlines and budgets
  • Improvement in employee engagement
  • Encouragement of bottom-up ideas

Focus on these six areas to get started:

  1. Completeness. Give the receiver all the information needed to process the message and take action.
  2. Conciseness. Keep your message on point so the receiver can focus on what’s important, speeding up the processing of information.
  3. Consideration. Take into account the receiver’s background, frame of reference and point of view.
  4. Courtesy. Respect the receiver’s culture, values and beliefs and craft a message that is genuinely polite and unbiased.
  5. Clearness. Use exact terminology and concrete words to reduce ambiguities and confusion in the message.
  6. Correctness. Ensure facts are accurate to ensure your credibility.

Making improvements in this area can yield significant results for both your team and your customers.